Today’s class was both informative and fun for me. While I had previously explored the realm of Second Life in my dorm room in Keeneland I will have to say that the experience was much different today in the computer lab. The internet in Keeneland Hall is much slower and the other times I had logged on gameplay lagged significantly.

Bella Yan wearing blue star glasses

Bella Yan wearing blue star glasses that she gave to Sarina Altenhofen

To be able to actually move around and properly interact with other players was an excellent learning experience. I discovered how to equip accessories (my awesome new blue star sunglasses!) and how to move objects around. I also learned just how interactive SecondLife is. I was utterly amazed to see the detail in which part of UK’s campus was laid out in the game. I realize that I have very much left to learn about the game, but I have to say that today was an excellent start!

My goal for the next few days is to find some nice (free, of course!) clothing for my avatar!